Paul Rey

Cloud engineer, Kubernetes certified, containers enthusiast, passionate developer.


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Lerida, Pyrenees — Photo of Kris Christiaens from Pexels

Cloud engineer

Certified Kubernetes administrator

I'm convinced about the strength and robustness of Infrastructure as Code.

Terraform icon Ansible icon Git icon Gitlab icon Github icon Bitbucket

And worked on many providers

OVH icon AWS icon Scaleway icon Outscale icon GCP icon

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Passionate about astronomy

I study our starry sky with my Dobsonian SkyWatcher 250/1200 telescope.

I'm giving you a little hint! Check here.
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Definitely a hiker

Born in the Hautes-Pyrenees, I return to my sources frequently to see the mountains that cradled me where I can make magnificent hikes.

I took other paths too!

Massif central, near Aurillac